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The JOY Scholarship 

In Loving Memory of Eliana Molina 10/24/2004-11/9/2015 

The Joy Scholarship is in honor of Eliana Molina, daughter of Rose Molina, Clinician of Team Rockstar Sports and founder of The Kindness Crew. Eliana abruptly left this earth in 2015 and life for all those who knew her was forever changed. 

Although faced with challenges through living with TSC (Tuberous Sclerosis Complex) and Autism, Eliana only knew the JOY of life. She was an avid Taylor Swift lover and for years was convinced she was the "Real Elsa" of FROZEN. Before her departure, Eliana fell in love with the JOY character from the movie INSIDE OUT. She even dressed up as JOY for Halloween; also her most favorite holiday. It was fitting for her to fall in love with the character JOY as she herself was walking JOY to anyone who knew her. Eliana knew no other than to see the greatness in all people. She gave the best hugs at the most perfect times and reminded so many teachers why they chose teaching. 

Although she is not here with us each day, all that we do through our work in Team Rockstar Sports & The Kindness Crew is in honor of Eliana's joyous presence she had on earth. 

The JOY Scholarship Application 

The Joy Scholarship is intended to assist any client and/or participant in need to participate in our sports activities and/or therapy services. Families experiencing financial hardship or difficulties due to high deductibles and/or copayment may apply.


Please email for further information or inquiry for application process. 

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Donations to the JOY Scholarship Fund

The JOY Scholarship is funded solely on donations. All donations are 501(c)3 tax exempt. Help us help all be included in sports and movement based therapies. 

For any questions or donation inquiries please email 

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