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Rose Molina

Rose Molina: trainer and fitness instructor to classes and the MOMS program. Rose is currently pursuing her NASM certification and hopes to continue her journey as a personal trainer to woman, especially Mom’s struggling to make time and routines that allow for self-care and success in their fitness journey.


Luis is a 2X RI state wrestling champion. Finishing  with a wrestling career record of 121 wins and 35 losses and earning 3 All State finishes. RI State Champion, RI State runner up and RI Team State Champions. Luis practiced Judo at Mayo Quanchi in Coventry taking him to become an international and state champion in Judo winning the American Canadian International Tournament. He began practicing Mixed Martial arts which ultimately led him to beginning his career as a professional fighter in 2007. At this time, Luis established his brand Team Rockstar. He won his first MMA title in 2009 (American Fighting Organization Lightweight Region Champion). After winning the AFO region title Luis went on to finish his MMA career with 10 more professional wins on the road to a World Title in 2015; winning the AXSTV/CES MMA World Lightweight championship. Luis has spent most of his career giving back to his community through sports and acts of kindness. Luis currently owns his own gym Team Rockstar Sports with his partner Rose Molina offering a unique experience to fitness through Martial Arts for children and adults. Luis also serves clients with Autism and other special needs through therapeutic movement groups co-led with licensed clinicians, a unique approach to mental health. He is the proud father to Jayden and Emmie and step-father to Sianna and Zoey. 


Cachi Cintron

I believe that fitness should be both challenging and rewarding. As a trainer and coach, I am dedicated to creating workouts that are both effective and fun. My focus is on building strength, improving endurance, and enhancing overall physical performance. Whether you're a seasoned fitness veteran or just starting out, my workouts can help you achieve your goals. Join me for Ass-Ault every Tuesday or take part in the Moms Fitness 6 Week Program, and let's make fitness a part of your life.


Wayne Gray

Director of Performance. Wayne is an expert in athlete training and a leader in the world of fitness and nutrition. Wayne specializes in working with elite athletes in specific training modalities to enhance their overall athletic performance. Wayne is known for working with several D1 athletes and can be seen consistently working on his own fitness and training goals throughout the gym.

Vicky D.

Personal Trainer. Vicky holds her ISSA personal training and nutrition certification. Vicky’s experiences include competing as a NPC fitness bikini competitor and currently is a amateur boxing & kickboxing athlete and competitor. Vicky is a Southern New England Golden Glove champion, Rough N Rowdy woman’s lightweight champion and currently working on projects across seas. Vicky is versed in macronutrients, weights and cardio boxing etc.


Marquis Brewster 


Ashley Meizoso-Sullivan

 Trainer and fitness instructor, as well as involvement in the MoMs program. Ashley has her Master’s degree in occupational therapy and loves to provide knowledge to clients as appropriate. She has a long history of working out with extensive knowledge in exercise. She enjoys hyping up other people and encouraging them to push themselves on their fitness journey. She will never forget to remind you to always make time for YOU and self-care. 


Joyce Zeto

As a fitness professional with years of experience and a passion for helping others, I am dedicated to helping my clients achieve their fitness goals. I specialize in creating customized fitness plans for clients who are seeking a healthier, happier lifestyle. Whether you're working towards weight loss, muscle gain, or improving overall fitness, I am committed to helping you along every step of the way. 

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